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About Us 


Our full service shop specializes in windows and doors, historical millwork, and bespoke joinery. We approach this craft with a drive and passion unparalleled in our industry, and stand on the shoulders of our predecessors and ancestors. We are detail oriented, have a proficient understanding of classical architecture, and strive to combine tried technique with ingenuity and creativity.


If you haven't already, visit Our Services to learn more. Scroll below to read more about who we are and our company!

Ben George II __ Founder and Co-Owner

Benjamin George II


   Benjamin started Heartwood after living in Japan and being inspired by their harmony and aesthetic.

   Having studied Jazz Saxophone in college, he was raised around carpentry and architecture, so it was a 'natural transition' from the music world into owning and operating a wood shop. 

   His free days off generally include working, or lying around thinking that he should be working instead. 


Lead Shop Dog and Moral Support

   Layla hails from the city of Luling, TX, and comes from a long line of loving, nurturing pitbulls. She enjoys hecks about 4 times a day and sits like a human sometimes. 

   When she isn't busy making sure the shop is protected, she is probably sleeping in her dog loft. Hence why she is so beautiful. 

Learn more about fostering or adopting pets here:

Our Shop

Our Shop

One of the things that sets our company apart is our workspace. This creative space is one that is grounded in our collective passions: carpentry, old tools, and plants, among other things. The old homes that we love were often built using specialized machines, so our shop is adorned with antique tools that we have restored for our use. Take a look at some of these vintage machines below!

Wysong & Myles Mortiser

No. 284 - Circa. 1945

Wysong & Miles Co. was founded in 1904 by Olmedo Cortez Wysong. They were located in Greensboro, NC and specialized in industrial woodworking equipment. This mortiser was made at the height of the U.S. involvement in WWII and is evident by it's solid cast construction. All of our exterior doors make a quick visit to this machine to get mortised and prepped for tenons. 

Delta Planer.jpg

Rockwell/Delta 15HP Planer

 Circa 1988

This 24" planer is one of the main workhorses of our shop. Although it's got Rockwell/Delta tags, all of the motors, and internals are Italian made SCMI parts. My best estimation puts this planers manufacture date at around 1988 or so. It is one of the most capable planers in existence. 

American No. 1 Jointer

No. 66-10993 - Circa 1918

Sometimes a tool inspires and amazes us in ways which cannot be overstated. When I got the call about this old WWI era jointer, I could hardly contain my excitement. I went about doing a full restoration, and through the process I have been blown away by the construction of this most impressive Jointer. The 20' capacity and a "spring joint" lever make this my favorite tool in the shop. 

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