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Traditional Windows

The craft of window making is an art that has been largely lost due to the mass production of low cost replacement units. Why pay top dollar for a vinyl window that only lasts for 20 years? We now offer Low-E coated glass in all of our windows. Scroll down to see why our windows last 100+ years.

Centuries Old Joinery

We are students of the art of window craft, and as such, have studied the way in which windows up to 200 years old were still functioning in historic buildings. What we found is that the craftsman of old used tried and tested joinery and techniques that ensured a weather proof, air tight window. We use this same joinery in our shop today, 

Hand Glazed Sash

All of our window sash are hand glazed, leaving a beautiful finish that is impervious to the harsh conditions inflicted upon windows. This is one of the keys to serviceability and a window that can be maintained over the course of it's life. 

Solid Frames and Installation

What good is a new window sash if the frame it lives in is rotted? We recommend ordering windows as full units including an upper and lower sash, jamb assembly, and necessary moldings so you can rest assured that you have a high performing window unit. 

An Inside View of A Window Sash_edited
Full Window Restore and Screen Reproduction
Traditional Window Sash
Window Casing Milled From Reclaimed Fir
Window Sash Getting Prepped
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