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Entry and Interior Doors 

One of the main features of any home is a door. Doors both welcome guests and evoke a sense of security in our most sacred spaces. Scroll down to see our process and understand why our doors are a cut above the rest.


Sustainable Materials

The trees and lumber which build our modern world is a finite resource. Thats why we are always striving to find sustainably sourced lumber. From reusing and repurposing old beams, to using ethically harvested hardwoods, we consider what and how the lumber we use affects our planet. 

Stave Core Construction

All of our exterior doors are made using "staves" which consist of individual pieces glued together, sandwiched between two hardwood veneers. This ensures door parts that are stable, and impervious to extreme weather and changes in humidity. 

Stave Core Door Parts
Mortise and Tenon Door

Mortise and Tenon Joints

A door is only as good as the joints that bind it together. We use two forms of joinery for our doors; the classic mortise and tenon for our exterior doors, and the tried and true cope and stick for any interior door. 

Victorian Entry Door
Interior Door Casing Bullseyes_edited
Craftsman Entry Door_edited
Modern Custom Door
Exterior Grade Reclaimed Doors
Custom Entry Door
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