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Historic Millwork on the Lockhart Courthouse


High-end millwork is one of the cornerstones of any great historic building. From the entry doors that welcome guests into our homes, to the decorative gables and finials that peak the attention of passersby, millwork is one of the most expressive forms of craftsmanship. Our millwork is made using the highest quality material derived from sustainable sources, with techniques that both acknowledge the past and ensure enjoyment by future generations. 

Entry & Interior Doors 

Our custom entry and interior doors offer both victorian and modern designs, and offer industry leading mortise and tenon construction. Make your home stand out with one of our timeless designs. 

Traditional Windows 

Don't believe the hype: traditional mortise and tenon windows far surpass new windows in terms of performance, serviceability, and lifespan. Click the link below to learn more about our windows and their benefits. 

Wood Window Sash

Joinery and Moldings 

When high quality reproduction of moldings, balustrades, or other millwork is needed, Heartwood offers joinery to your specs. Unsure of the exact dimensions? Send us a piece of millwork and we can draft a design for you!

Victorian Baluster Reproduction_edited.jpg
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